Can you keep a secret?

I'm no one special, but you can call me J if you'd like.

They’re the perfect children

And then there’s me


"The National Catholic Reporter said Pope Francis called adoption by gay and lesbian people a form of discrimination against children."



one day

maybe on a lazy afternoon

when we’re resting on the couch

with our silly love songs playing from my laptop

i’ll look up from my screen to you -

your head on the armrest

and legs across my lap

- and think

everything that has come before this



right now

was totally worth it.

and when you catch me staring


your eyes will find mine

and agree.

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I found out 2 of my friends made a pact with each other: they will not get married until Australia has full marriage equality.

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Does she need to know it was from me? Does she need to know the messenger?


What’s important here is the message: she needs to know that she is needed here on this earth and that she is loved.

I hope she always remembers that.

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"love is good wherever you find it"